Food delivery apps have made it easier and straightforward for people to get restaurant food delivered at their doorsteps. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can also benefit from investing in food delivery apps as they provide substantial revenue. Here are some of the significant revenue streams for food delivery apps:

The revenue streams of food delivery app
Listing services

Restaurants can use the listing services for their name to appear on the top under categories or have their restaurant name highlighted using the services. Food delivery apps like DoorDash also earn from posting advertisements about restaurants in their application.

Third-party advertisement services
It is one of the simple and successful methods of generating revenue. On-demand food ordering service can partner with Google Adsense to advertise.

Commission from Users
Whenever they order from food delivery apps they get a fee as commission from the users for using the platform for the services.

Exclusive features
Customers have to pay to use certain features like quick delivery, order priority by restaurants, exclusive offers & coupons, and so on. DoorDash clone app can gain from these paid subscriptions.

Many food delivery startups have gained recognition in the competitive on-demand market. It is high time to invest in an on-demand DoorDash app offered by Appdupe. These clone apps are white-labeled and scalable. Visit our website to get a better understanding of our clone app solutions.

Popular revenue streams of an on-demand food delivery service
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