Back in 2006, developer Brett Florio was looking at the different e-commerce solutions available for web developers. The result of his research was plain and simple: he disliked them all. So it didn’t take long before he decided to build his own. In April 2007, FoxyCart, now, was launched. With it, he hoped to create a system that was “master of one” instead of “jack of all”. It was most likely the first shopping cart to be mostly developer-oriented.

In this Snipcart vs. review, you’ll find out that the mission behind relates much more to Snipcart’s than other solutions like Shopify or WooCommerce. While the two products are similar, there are still a lot of differences between them. We are regularly asked about these, so today we’re going to provide answers to the following:

How exactly does Snipcart differ from

We’ll take a look at what makes them similar, but most importantly, at how they differ. We’ll give you insights on why & when choose one or the other. Let’s start by learning more about both of them, individually.

What is


Foxy is an e-commerce solution that enables shopping cart integration. It can be implemented within any website, with only a few lines of code. It is a developer-oriented product, meaning you need at least basic HTML knowledge to integrate your cart & products, and then CSS/JS skills to optimize the lot.’s extensive number of features makes it a complete tool for an e-commerce site developer.

A few years ago, they rebranded from the original FoxyCart to It’s basically the same app, with an enhanced focus on their e-commerce API and how it can be integrated into platforms.

What is Snipcart?


Snipcart is a complete shopping cart platform you integrate on top of any website or web application with basic HTML/JavaScript. It offers a flexible, customizable shopping cart, webhooks & APIs, and a dashboard to manage your e-commerce operations. A simple Snipcart integration also requires almost no development skills. However, customizing and extending it does.

At the end of 2019, the team released Snipcart v3.0, enabling even more template customization flexibility for developers and ditching any tech dependencies (bye-bye jQuery!).

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