Top 10 Music player Built with Flutter

Flutter Music App

First Open Source Flutter based material design music player with audio plugin to play online music

Features(Android & iOS)

  • search online songs (Require Network Permission)
  • Beautiful UI with multiple themes includes light theme and dark theme
  • multiple language includes chinese and english
  • Play background
  • Animation
  • Full Fledged Example
  • Play / Stop / Pause
  • Previous / Next
  • Seek
  • Shuffle
  • Album Art
  • onComplete
  • onDuration / onCurrentPosition
  • Favorite
  • Download

"Flutter Music App"

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Flutter Sweyer

Music player built with flutter
This is an open-source non-commercial repo of music player that is built with flutter. This app is just my sight on how UI/UX in music apps should be. Currently I am building it only for Android

"Flutter Sweyer"

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Flutter Beats

A Music Player Built With Flutter
"Flutter Beats"

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ğŸŽ§ Flutter Music Player

Music Player built with flutter

"ğŸŽ§ Flutter Music Player"

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Music App made with flutter
A Flutter music app made with Provider and BLoC pattern. (Works on Android for now)

"Flutter Chillify"

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Flutter Music Player

Minimalistic local music player built with flutter for android.
Simple local music player built with flutter. It uses the audioplayer plugin to play files, and path_provider to locate the external directory and search it for playable files. Metadata is gathered through native java code. I also used this Waves widget. You can download the app from Google Play.

"Flutter Music Player"

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Flutter Musicplayer

AA complete and open source music player designed in flutter. It is first complete music player designed in flutter. This app exploits Sqlite databse that enables faster loading of songs at startup. Only one time setup for loading songs is needed. This app comes with a lot of features and a more are coming soon.
You can download app from releases Music Player.

"Flutter Musicplayer"


  • Play local songs
  • Beautiful screens
  • Sqlite database support
  • Search songs, Songs suggestions
  • Top tracks, Recent songs, Random song
  • Album view, Artist view
  • Playing queue, Shuffle, Add to favourites
  • Play/pause, Next/prev
  • Themes(dark/light), Custom font, Animations
  • landscape mode

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Flutter Bungee

Bungee is the first music app build with Flutter. With a nice interface you can play punjabi music ,create playlists and share them with others. You can also search for particular artist or song.There is also switching of dark theme. Pagination is also used. Thank you

"Flutter Bungee"

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Flutter Audio players

A Flutter plugin to play multiple simultaneously audio files, works for Android, iOS, macOS and web (WIP).

"Flutter Audio players"

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Flutter Netease Music

flutter music player application, support iOS and Android.

"Flutter Netease Music"

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Flutter Grey

A Material designed music player developed in Flutter

"Flutter Grey"

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Top 10 Music player Built with Flutter
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