In this video, we're going to learn how to build a full employee management system using React and Node. We'll start by creating a simple database using MySQL and then build a React app that contains all the logic for managing employees. We'll also use Axios to send employee data to the database and learn how to create a custom JWT tokenizer for authentication. Last, we'll create a router to serve our employee management system and make use of hash functions to encrypt employee data. By the end of this video, you'll have a fully functioning employee management system!

0:00 Demo of Employee MS Project
03:26 Create React & Node App
07:32 Install Packages in Node and React App
14:13 Design of Login Page
23:08 Handle Input Fields and Pass Data to Server
31:40 Create Connection with MySql Database
33:20 Create Login API 
41:15 JWT Token Generate & Store Inside Cookies
47:10 React Routing Implementation
52:33 Login Form Validation
55:40 Design of Dashboard
1:01:20 Use of React Router Outlet
1:08:10 Create Category Table
1:09:52 Add Category Design
1:18:18 Add Category API
1:22:28 Display Categories
1:31:30 Add Employee Design and Form Handling
1:42:38 Create Employee Table
1:48:54 Add Employee API and Hash Password
1:56:45 Image Uploading
2:08:40 Fetch and Display Employee Records
2:17:01 Edit Employee Record
2:40:47 Delete an Employee Record
2:49:00 Dashboard Home Design for Summary
3:02:09 Fetch and Display Admins 
3:08:46 Logout Admin

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Build a Full Employee Management System using React and Node
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