A Business Analyst, in the simplest words, is a person who deals with business connection with the data. This data can be the company’s old records of marketing, customer, sales, or finance. Or, it can be that of a competitor. The other role of a business analyst is to report, or to provide insights, based on the available data, using techniques like critical thinking, problem-solving solutions, and analytical to help a business reach its end goal. His key roles in the company comprise of – Data, Decision, Performance, and Prediction.

Often, people confuse a business analyst of the analytics domain with that of IT. However, they are like two sides of the same coin. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that in the Analytics domain, a Business Analyst is to create a statistical representation of numerical data by analysing it and giving a visual touch to this data for better understanding. To sum up what does a business analyst do:

  • Collecting information about the target audience through surveys and studying the historical or research available regarding the same field.
  • Making feasible decisions based on the behavioral pattern of customers to comprehend business performance metrics.
  • Reviewing the presence and rating of the customers on various online platforms.
  • Comprehending what consumers want and what drives their decision making.
  • Conducting the SWOT analysis of the business to ensure what new possibilities are there in business.
  • Using the collected data (from customer data to competitive data) to enhance the business performance metrics of a company.
  • Escalating revenue growth with effective resource allocation skills
  • Understanding business needs and optimizing business operations accordingly.

Now that we understand that a business analyst roles and responsibilities in the two domains are completely different, it will be easier for us to understand the business analyst job description nuances in the analytics domain.

Business Analyst Job Description

The **_Business Analyst roles and responsibilities _**in an organization mainly deal with devising unique business decisions that are practical and concrete. The following pointers explain the business analyst techniques gumption a candidate ought to have to justify this role:

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What Does a Business Analyst Do? Responsibilities, Roles & Salary
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