All the Pandas Function You Need to Perform Time Series Analysis in Pandas. You Can Use This as a Cheat Sheet as Well.

What is the time-series analysis?

It is the analysis of the dataset that has a sequence of time stamps. It has become more and more important with the increasing emphasis on machine learning. So many different types of industries use time-series data now for time series forecasting, seasonality analysis, finding trends, and making important business and research decisions. So it is very important as a data scientist or data analyst to understand the time series data clearly.

Time series data is used in:

Banks and Financial institutes

Stock market

Social Media

Power, gas, and oil industries

Periodic measures in a mechanical or chemical process

And many more areas

It is unavoidable. So, let’s learn it.

I will start with some general functions and show some more topics using the Facebook Stock price dataset.

Let’s dive in!

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An Ultimate Guide to Time Series Analysis in Pandas
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