Learn to Build Your First Mobile App in Python! Kivy is an open-source Python framework used for the purpose of the development of mobile and multitouch software applications. Kivy has an interesting GUI framework and a natural user interface and is absolutely free to use. It is widely used to develop mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Great Learning brings you this tutorial on Build Your First Mobile App in Python. This video starts with an introduction to Kivy, followed by Kivy installation on Pycharm. Then we learn to add labels to the application. Then we look at how to ass textboxes in the application, and also learn to add button in the application. This tutorial takes you through these concepts with a demonstration on the side for a better understanding of the tutorial.

  • 00:00 Let’s Begin!
  • 01:30 Introduction to Kivy
  • 02:15 Installation of Kivy
  • 02:56 Adding labels to App
  • 07:28 Adding textboxes to App
  • 22:15 Adding buttons to App

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Build Your First Mobile App in Python | App Development Tutorial for Beginners
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