What is Learning Analytics?

“Data is new the fuel.” This sentence influences every field. Not even the area of learning and teaching is untouched. Nowadays every field is coming on the digital platform which means the rise of the generation of data is here. But it is also true that data never lie, the practice of analyzing data comes into existence to predict and prescribe the future. The integration of this technique with the field of Education and learning give rise to “Learning Analytics” defined as –

The calculation, accumulation, and reporting of data about learners and contexts after the analysis process for the goal of understanding and optimizing the process of learning, teaching and occurrence in the ecosystem.By leveraging learning analytics Learners, Instructors, Businesses can enhance learning and course outcomes

  • Educators can analyse engagement trends and education material practicality in their respective areas.
  • Businesses can examine whether thier performance increased because of learning.
  • Improving future E-Learning courses.

How Learning Analytics Works?

The steps which should be followed to implement analytics in education and to make it work are –

Learning & Teaching Activity – Homo-sapiens profoundly influence this step. It is the primary step which involves “Formulation of the problems.” The critical components of this steps are –

  • To identify the procedure to plan Learning Analytics in education.
  • To Identify the core advantages of Learning Analytics in a specific use case.
  • To identify the challenges in Learning Analytics for a use case.

Data Collection – The primary target of collecting the data is to discover the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the use case. It is the backbone of the whole procedure.

Data Processing and Storing – This step is very use-case specific, i.e., the subcomponents changed according to the problem statement. It includes cleaning of data and handling inappropriate data.

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What is Learning Analytics Platform and Best Tools
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