Maybe it’s because it’s reminiscent of my early days. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to worry so much about logic, and can focus more on the user experience.

Or maybe it’s because I just love the experience of watching my creation come to life, and when It comes to life from my words, it’s exactly how I imagined it in my head. When it’s visual, there’s always some compromise I end up having to make, and it no longer feels like 100% “mine”.

My inner-voice is very narrative. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but when I think, It’s mostly words in my head - with some imagery if I’m thinking of something particularly vivid. But most of the time, I don’t imagine scenery. When I remember an interaction with someone, I remember words more than faces. What I’m trying to say is, your mileage may vary. Take my words with a grain of salt (as I hope you always do as a programmer). But I digress…

One of the best learning experiences I’ve had to date was a 2-day project I just finished in Python. I’m brand new to Python, just having started learning the basics 2 days before this project.

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My Text-Based Adventure!
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