A few years back doing front-end work, especially on the web, was rather simple compared to the back-end where all the app logic used to reside. Nowadays, that has changed. Front-end development has evolved thanks to powerful frameworks and libraries supported by the evolution of the browsers and their respective APIs. In a modern web application, the front-end plays a crucial role, where not only front-end developers are dealing with the presentation, but also with logic, and algorithms implementations. With all these new challenges into the picture, how do we, as front-end developers, stay up to date with the latest and learn more in-depth about the languages and frameworks that we use to build amazing app experiences?

Let me walk you through 5 things you should be doing to master the front-end development

Learn a bit about back-end

With the increased focus on user experience and usability, the importance of front-end has been increasing, and problems that traditionally were handled in the back-end are now being shifted to the front-end. It is also true that while front-end is reducing the complexity of the back-end in some areas, back-end is also evolving and specializing, introducing a new set of challenges for back-end developers.

As some of these problems are shifted to the front-end, having experience in how the back-end deals with them can be of great help when implementing solutions in our code. It is also true that traditionally it was more important for the back-end to have more concepts from algorithms and data structures, while front-end was all about CSS+HTML. Now having that kind of knowledge is crucial for any front-end developer. So learn back-end to be a better front-end developer.

But that’s not the only reason why learning back-end development is important, and perhaps it’s even more important for a team to learn this. Teams can achieve greater collaboration when both sides “speak the same language” and understand each other points of view. And you can even tackle some work from back-end to help out.

Front-end or Back-end, we are all developers, and we can help each other out as part of the same team.

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How to Master the Front-End Development
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