Test automation helps increase development speed while reducing cost and effort. In this article, we will share how to automate testing to help keep a test automation initiative on the right track with key tips for test execution, design, and maintenance for large enterprise applications.

Use the Appropriate Selection of Test Automation Tools

Each test automation project has its own specific needs. The right tool can significantly reduce testing time and improve testing team efficiency. The wrong tool can introduce unneeded complexity.

Select a tool that supports all the needed devices, browsers, OS versions, mobile platforms, the required test automation level (UI, API, database tests), test types (functional, load, performance, localization), and recognition technology (native, image, text). With a single tool, the learning curve for delivering automation will be reduced significantly and the same scripts will be reused for different platforms.

Further, we recommend going through the following checklist with the preselected tool:

General requirements

  • Does the technical team have the skills required? Will the framework’s flexibility grant the team extended capabilities?
  • Does your testing team have experience of working with the tool?
  • Does the tool have a strong community, help resources, user manuals and detailed documentation?
  • How responsive is the vendor to newer technologies or issues encountered?
  • Does it provide detailed automated testing reports?
  • Does it integrate with CI tools, issue management tools, test management tools, and communication tools used in the project?

Specific requirements

  • Does the tool allow distributed test execution?
  • How long does test execution take?
  • Does it support smart waits (in-built or easily integrated)?
  • How does it help simplify test modifications?
  • Does it support the DDT approach (for example, via integration with Cucumber)?

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