Recognizing people by their faces in pictures and video feeds is seen everywhere starting from social media to phone cameras. A face recognition system is built for matching human faces with a digital image. Ultimately what a computer recognizes is pixel values ranging from 0-255. In Computer Vision face recognition has been in since ages and has evolved over the years. Many researchers have come up with many new techniques to efficiently identify and tell apart faces. There are many use cases such as authentication and verification of users.

This article covers all the aspects of face recognition based attendance systems. It discusses the challenges faced in face recognition, the face recognition library and building the attendance marking system based on these techniques.

Challenges faced in face recognition:

  1. Different lighting conditions
  2. Differently posing – there could be images of the same person with different face angles.
  3. Confusing between similar looking people


A Complete Guide On Building A Face Attendance System
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