If you heard of  Snowpack, you may be familiar with  ESBuild. ESBuild is one of the fastest bundler/compilers for frontend libraries. ESBuild is written in Golang, which makes it fast. ESBuild is not a complete solution for your all needs. However, implementing it in your pipeline significantly can improve your team productivity and deployment build time.


  1. Go [v1.6 and above]
  2. NPM (nodejs package manager)

Note:  ESBuild is also available in nodejs. However, I find using Go and creating binary CLI is much faster and reusable.

Why should I use ESBuild when I have webpack?

There is no reason that you should stop using webpack . But there are a lot of reasons you can at least start thinking of using ESBuild. Some of the best ones are given below. For more info, you can visit the official page.

  1. It’s written in Go and compiles to native code.
  2. Parallelism is used heavily.
  3. Memory is used efficiently.
  4. Loaders and plugins added by default

[Compilers time comparison]

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Optimise your Frontend CI/CD pipeline with Go and ESBuild
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