What is NumPy?

NumPy is an open-source Python library which is at the core of several of the science, engineering, and technology efforts you’ve heard of.

Don’t believe me?

Remember that black hole image? NumPy. Remember whenever scientists confirmed Einstein’s century-old prediction by detecting gravitational waves? NumPy. Machine Learning? You already know.

It’s a powerful thing. But what does it actually do?

NumPy allows you to create multidimensional homogeneous arrays in Python, and do a whole collection of different mathematical operations with them.

An array is essentially just a list, and usually in our case, of numbers. “Multidimensional” in this sense means that you can have an array that is made up of an arrays of numbers. Which is also called an array of arrays or a 2D array. Or you could have an array which is made of arrays which are made up of arrays of numbers, or an array of arrays of arrays. (Real pretty, I know).

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A Deep Dive Into NumPy
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