Python is an amazing programming language that can possibly be used in every field be it data science, software development, machine learning, automation, web scraping, website development, system administration, and much more. Due to an ever-increasing demand for Python developers in the IT industry, the number of students and professionals that are learning Python has gone up. People are also switching to Python because it is known to be super beginner-friendly and can easily be picked up in a few days. According to the Python survey for the year 2020, Python is the second most loved language and has rising on the popularity index to beat most of the other programming languages.

Although there is a plethora of online tutorials and blogs to learn Python, most of them offer only theoretical concepts. To master a language it is essential to practice and get a good hands-on experience on the language itself. Therefore, if you are getting started with Python or have a basic understanding of it, fear not! We are listing out the top 7 project ideas that you can proceed to build and will help you grasp some basic functionalities of it. These projects are not that hard but will definitely help you gain some confidence in the language. These projects can either be classified into command-line-based projects or graphical user interface (GUI) based projects. Let’s not look at them one by one:

Command Line Interface Based Projects

These type of projects are the ones which can be run using the console and are confined to run in it. There are various command-line interfaces in which you can run your codes like Anaconda Command Prompt, Windows terminal, VSCode terminal, etc. Let us look at the projects that you can build which are based out of the CLI:

  • Hangman Game
  • Number Guessing Game
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Countdown Timer
  • Calculator
  • Generic Convertor

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7 Python Project Ideas for Beginners
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