Google Cloud is a suite of cloud-based services just like AWS from Amazon and Azure from Microsoft. AWS dominates the market with Azure but Google’s not far behind. Google Cloud Platform or GCP is the third largest cloud computing platform in the world, with a share of 9% closely followed by Alibaba Cloud.

Amazon undoubtedly leads the market with a share of 33% but GCP is showing tremendous spike with the growth rate of whooping 83% in 2019. GCP leads AWS on the cost front, though. Google has a lesser number of services to offer but maintains its position as one of the most cost-effective cloud platform.

Using GCP with Python

Python has been a go-to language for every modern age technology including Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Cloud. Just like other Cloud giants, GCP too supports Python.

This blog will focus on the storage service offered by Google called Google Cloud Storage or GCS. GCS can be used in python by installing google-cloud-storage API client library.

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Upload Files to Google Cloud Storage with Python
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