Hyperverge recently came to our college for all the three SDE, Deep learning engineer, and Business Analyst internship roles. I appeared for SDE role and here’s my experience.

Total selection process consists of two rounds.

**Round-1 (Online coding round, total time: 3hrs): **In the coding round we were given a total of 6 sections and each section contains one coding problem.

(A[i]+A[j])%B=C and (A[i]*A[j])%B=D

  • Given an array consists of both positive and negative integers you have to maximize the array sum after k negations.


  • Given a string of operators and numbers return all possible results. For example, given a string “23-45” your code should return all the possible outputs like -34,-14,-10,-10,10


Out of 300 people, 20 got shortlisted for the next round and I was one of them.

Round-2 (total time: 1hr): It was an interview round where I was asked about my projects (technologies used, what motivated me to do this project, difficulties faced), internships which I have mentioned in my resume. Technical questions related to OS (virtual memory, paging, page replacement algorithms),DBMS (Primary key, JOIN operations, Normal forms, etc. ), and also I was asked about my approach towards the coding problem-3 which I have mentioned above. After this, I was given a scenario-based question, and I was asked how do I think Hyperverge’s technology has provided a solution for the problem. This round was very good and the way the interviewers treated me was great.

Result: 5 people were selected from our campus.

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Hyperverge Interview Experience 2020 (On Campus for SDE Internship)
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