React JS is among the most popular JavaScript libraries for web application front-end or GUI development. In recent times, React JS, also recognized only as React, has evolved in a huge way, and has become the power library for component-based GUI development, supported by Facebook. Although other front-end frameworks such as Angular and Vue.js are available, what distinguishes React from others is perhaps the idea that it only emphasizes the development of component-based GUIs and does not interfere with other fields.

Angular, for instance, is a comprehensive framework that provides you with many unique features, such as dependency injection, routing scheme, handling of forms, HTTP requests, animations, and a powerful lazy-loading module system.

So, what does the React learning path looks like? We have created a list of things you need to take care of if you are planning to become a React developer.

1. Start With The Basics


As it offers the basis for a web page, it is the basic foundation & the most essential expertise for web developers. Start learning it and make a few pages by yourself while you are at it.


Another important factor for web development is CSS which is used to style web pages to make them look aesthetic and beautiful. Start from learning the basic fundamentals of style pages while developing a Grid and Flexbox Page.


JS lets you make your website interactive and the only important thing that’s left after designing and styling web pages. Understand the syntax and learn basic operations on DOM. Get your hands on_ JS mechanisms_ like Hoisting, Prototyping, etc, and get adequately familiar with the jQuery library.

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React Learning Path
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