Learn how to use Python 's GUI Tkinter to build an interactive number guessing game with step-by-step explanations.
Tkinter is Python’s standard interface to the Tk GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit and the de facto standard GUI. A GUI allows you to interact with a computer using visual items such as windows, icons, and menus, used by most modern operating systems. This a powerful tool useful for building all sorts of projects, and it makes it easier to visualize your code. In this article, we’ll see basics of Tkinter and different types of widgets we can use in a Python application. Later in this article, we’ll develop a cool number guessing game using Tkinter widgets.

Today, we will cover:

  • Basics of Tkinter
  • Widgets of Tkinter with examples
  • Build a number guessing game from scratch
  • Putting all the code together

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How to Build an Interactive Game from Scratch using Tkinter Widgets
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