At DevOps World|Jenkins World in San Francisco last year, Jeff Ardilio, director of software engineering at the KPMG consultancy, talked about the benefits of infrastructure-as-code (IaC), but also the preparation it takes for different environments.

Israeli startup env0 (pronounced “env zero”) takes on that challenge by helping organizations automate some of that work. It provides a layer on top of IaC frameworks to offer developers self-service while the business maintains controls and visibility into costs.

In public beta, env0 aims to help developer organizations achieve a balance between freedom and governance.

It allows developers to provision their own cloud environments within the bounds of templates that define the policies and cost controls for each project, team or even individual user. Templates for each environment — primarily Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — enable the administrator to manage variables and cloud credentials; define policies such as access control, environment time-to-live, and budget limits for users.

It also provides the organization insight into how cloud resources are being used and by whom.

In Public Beta

While running a DevOps services company a few years ago, Ohad Maislish, env0 CEO found one of his customers having trouble managing multiregion environments, one for U.S. customers and one for EU customers.

“Although they technically implemented IaC, they were still missing a solution to enable support for multi environments. This specific problem led me to conduct more market research on the gaps and opportunities with moving to IaC,” he said.

The company in April announced a public beta and a $3.3 million seed investment led by Boldstart Ventures in New York City and Grove Ventures in Tel Aviv with participation from angel investors including Guy Podjarny, co-founder of Snyk.

“From our first meeting, we were intrigued by their vision to bring the power of IaC to everyone and to tie infrastructure usage automatically and proactively to the business and application,” said Ed Sim, Boldstart Ventures founder and managing partner, of the investment.

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Env0: Self-Service for Infrastructure-as-Code, Plus Cost Visibility
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