In the unlikely event that you might not already hear this, AWS Lambda is Amazon’s answer to the serverless computing.

The theory behind serverless computer services is, as it sounds, to create a network for a variety of purposes while bypassing the need to have and maintain expensive servers.

With AWS Lambda, you are at top of the class in serverless computing. The setup and management is a breeze. You only need to code the functions you desire, configure them how you wish, and then deploy them. Check this article to learn more about Lamdas

What you might not know

AWS Lambda is the current front runner to the potent serverless computing crowd. Below are the top 7 reasons AWS Lambda is a powerhouse your business should consider. This list is in no particular order.

1. Supports for the most popular of Programming Languages

AWS Lambda has a large roster of programming languages that work with the system. This list includes Node.js, Python, Java, Go, and C## which are the most used programming languages.

This means your programmers can hop into AWS Lambda and be comfortable getting started but there are some difference that may throw off some of the stateful focused programmers, but if you are more functional programming focused, you will feel at home.

2. Pay For Only What You Use

Amazon has created a service with efficiency in mind and this is why that Amazon will only charge you for the services you require and not an over-complicated bundle filled with garbage you don’t want.

The exact billing calculated off invocations and duration which is of 100 ms intervals. This means the more efficient your code is, the more money you could save.

This rewards savvy business owners who can persuade their developers to the more potent programming forms they can take.

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AWS Lambda - 7 things you might not know
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