We know that there are several movements and paradigms that are pushing us hard to change our architectures trying to leverage much more managed services and taking care of the operational level so we can focus on what’s really important for our own business: create applications and deliver value through them.

AWS from Amazon has been a critical partner during that journey, especially in the container world. With the release of EKS some time ago was able to provide a managed Kubernetes service that everyone can use, but also introducing the CaaS solution Fargate also gives us the power to run a container workload in a serverless fashion, without needing to worry about anything else.

But you could be thinking about if those services can work together? And the short answer is yes. But even more important than that we’re seeing that also they can work in a mixed-mode:

So you can have an EKS cluster that has some nodes that are Fargate services and some nodes that are normal EC2 machines for workloads that are working on a state full fashion or fits better in a traditional EC2 approach.And everything working by the same rules and managed by the same EKS Cluster.

So, that sounds amazing but, How we can do that? Let’s start.


Hybrid AWS Kubernetes cluster using EKS, EC2, and Fargate
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