Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are two of the hottest innovation drifts at this moment. Although the two technologies have profoundly different and extraordinary parties, gatherings, and applications, specialists have investigated and investigated their combination.

As per PWC, AI will add up around $15.7 trillion to the economy, globally, by 2030, leading to an increase in GDP by 14%.

PwC predicts that by 2030 AI will add up to $15.7 trillion to the world economy, and as a result, global GDP will rise by 14%.

As per  Gartner’s prediction, blockchain technology’s business value will hike to $3.1 trillion by the same year.

Blockchain can be defined as a public, decentralized, immutable, and distributed ledger of digital transactions used to keep encrypted data safe. It uses cryptography to keep exchanges safe. Blockchain technology enables consumers and suppliers to eliminate the middlemen, such as banks creating a person-to-person environment for all types of transactions. It is very much similar to Bitcoin uses.

On the other hand, AI has been around for many years. However, It wasn’t until recently that AI technologies made huge advancements such as NLP and Machine Learning. AI can be defined as the “brain” or the engines that enables analytics and decision making from the collected data. Ai is a capability of a machine such as a computer to imitate intelligent human behavior.

AI is used to explain the theory and practice of creating machines capable of carrying out tasks that require human intelligence. As we all know, each technology and innovation has its degree of complexity, and the combination may be beneficial to both. Still, both AI and Blockchain are in situations where they can benefit from each other and help one another. Besides, AI can also boost blockchain efficiency far better than humans, or even everyday computing can.

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How AI and Blockchain could be a perfect match?
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