Python vs Java - Which One To Choose?

Python and Java – you must have surely heard these two names for they are two of the most popular programming languages in the world of computing. While learning Java is not that easy as it has a difficult syntax, it is a high-performance programming language. And while Python is easier to learn on account of having a simpler syntax, it does not match up with Java as far as performance is concerned. Interestingly, in terms of popularity, both the programming languages are on the same pedestal. So, which one are you going to choose?

Below, we have done a detailed comparison between Java and Python by taking different parameters into account and once you see how the two programming languages fare and where they stand on different fronts, you will be more clear-headed as to which one to choose. While the choice will be yours, you will see that Python has a slight edge over Java. But Java being what it is, it still prompts clients the world over to outsource Java development to India and hire offshore Java programmers.

Meanwhile, the main criteria based on which we differentiated Python and Java are as follows:
1. Speed
Because Java is a compiled language, it is faster than Python. Compared to Python, Java takes lesser time for processing a code. And because Python is an interpreted language, it needs to decide about the data during the run time, thereby being slower than Java.
2. Code
In this particular yardstick, Python outperforms Java by a sizeable margin. Whereas in Java, you need 10 lines of code for reading from a file, only two lines suffice in the case of Python. So, where reading a file is concerned, Python is an easier programming language than Java.
3. Popularity
As mentioned earlier, in terms of popularity, both the programming languages are neck and neck. Before the arrival of Javascript, the most popular programming language happened to be Java. But once Javascript was introduced, Java became a little technical.
According to a survey, after C#, the fastest-growing programming language was Python and it even left PHP behind. And in another survey, Java was perched at the top with 45% votes from developers but Python wasn’t too far behind as it also managed to gather 39% votes. So, both the programming languages more or less enjoy the same level of popularity.
4. Practical Use
Java is static in nature and is basically used for creating mobile and web applications. Python meanwhile is meant for more diverse use and you will find developers utilizing it for machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc.
5. Syntax
This is another area wherein Python easily earns more brownie points than Java. When users use Python, which is a typed language, they do not have to decide about variable types. They get help from an interpreter who infers these types and also continues to check in the runtime. All this means is that Python like English has simple syntax. Further, when you use this programming language, you do not have to worry about enclosing spaces or indentation rules. So, it does not take time to understand the codes, thereby being highly advantageous for beginners.
Java, on the other hand, is about following syntax rules strictly. Because it is static in nature, you have to disclose your variable types explicitly, and if there is any aberration, the code will cease to compile. Java may not be easy for beginners but a lot of developers take a liking to the clarity that this statically typed language has to offer. Some though do not like to follow indentation rules, particularly where large codebases are concerned.
6. Whitespace
While whitespace is a component of Python’s syntax, you will not find it at all in Java that not only ignores whitespace, but semicolons, parentheses, and curly braces too. Python handles nesting tab along with a full colon for working with loops as well as conditional blocks. It uses whitespace, which puts the debate of formatting code to rest.

And Python snippet moreover has shorter lines that proves to be a major difference in the case of large programs. No closing braces also makes for a significant difference. Between Python and Java, the former can be associated more with brevity.

So you see that Python gives you more reasons than Java to make it your preferred programming language. However, if you still wish to leverage Java and economically and faster at that, as mentioned before, you can outsource Java development to India where there is no dearth of offshore Java programmers. You just have to do some research and you will easily be able to hire a dedicated Java developer from India who will let you tap the benefits of one of the most popular programming languages available today.

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