Lubridate: A powerful R package for working with dates and times



Date-time data can be frustrating to work with in R. R commands for date-times are generally unintuitive and change depending on the type of date-time object being used. Moreover, the methods we use with date-times must be robust to time zones, leap days, daylight savings times, and other time related quirks, and R lacks these capabilities in some situations. Lubridate makes it easier to do the things R does with date-times and possible to do the things R does not.

If you are new to lubridate, the best place to start is the date and times chapter in R for data science.


# The easiest way to get lubridate is to install the whole tidyverse:

# Alternatively, install just lubridate:

# Or the the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")



library(lubridate, warn.conflicts = FALSE)

Easy and fast parsing of date-times: ymd(), ymd_hms, dmy(), dmy_hms, mdy(), …

#> [1] "2010-12-15"
#> [1] "2017-04-01"

Simple functions to get and set components of a date-time, such as year(), month(), mday(), hour(), minute() and second():

bday <- dmy("14/10/1979")
#> [1] 10
wday(bday, label = TRUE)
#> [1] Sun
#> Levels: Sun < Mon < Tue < Wed < Thu < Fri < Sat

year(bday) <- 2016
wday(bday, label = TRUE)
#> [1] Fri
#> Levels: Sun < Mon < Tue < Wed < Thu < Fri < Sat

Helper functions for handling time zones: with_tz(), force_tz()

time <- ymd_hms("2010-12-13 15:30:30")
#> [1] "2010-12-13 15:30:30 UTC"

# Changes printing
with_tz(time, "America/Chicago")
#> [1] "2010-12-13 09:30:30 CST"

# Changes time
force_tz(time, "America/Chicago")
#> [1] "2010-12-13 15:30:30 CST"

Lubridate also expands the type of mathematical operations that can be performed with date-time objects. It introduces three new time span classes borrowed from

durations, which measure the exact amount of time between two points

periods, which accurately track clock times despite leap years, leap seconds, and day light savings time

intervals, a protean summary of the time information between two points

Code of Conduct

Please note that the lubridate project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.

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Author: tidyverse

License:  GPL-3.0 license

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Lubridate: A powerful R package for working with dates and times
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