Docker is a popular DevOps tool used to automate the deployment of applications in lightweight containers so that applications can work efficiently in different environments. Hi guys, welcome to this Docker full course by Simplilearn. In this full course video, we will be covering all the important concepts related to the DevOps tool, Docker that you need to know. We will begin by watching a short animated video on What is DevOps, followed by understanding what Docker is, and then we will look at how to install Docker on Ubuntu. Going further we will study the Docker concepts in detail and then look at Docker Container, Docker Swarm and Docker Compose. Finally, we have compiled the most important Docker Interview Questions that you might face in a Docker or DevOps interview. So without further ado, let us get started!

  • 00:00:00 What is Docker
  • 00:15:15 installing Docker on ubuntu
  • 00:23:08 Installing Docker on Windows
  • 00:27:58 Docker tutorial for beginners
  • Services and Components of Docker
  • 01:26:31 What is Docker container
  • 01:46:54 Basic command of Docker container
  • 02:02:54 DockerFiles
  • 02:24:19 Docker Swarm
  • 02:39:06 Docker Compose
  • 02:56:02 Docker networking
  • 03:19:14 Docker vs Virtual Machine
  • 03:31:02 Docker Commands
  • 04:17:05 12 crucial interview question
  • 04:26:59 difference between docker and kubernetes

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Docker Full Course In 5 Hours | Docker Tutorial For Beginners | Complete Docker Tutorial
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