It’s a sophisticated yet simple system of services, hosted in large servers (the cloud), powerful enough to run such software that can aid game development in every edge imaginable.

It sounds like something of high importance.

That being said, I feel that game development is an underrepresented space that deserves greater investment. Companies should have a stronger embracement of cloud tools that game devs can use. This argument comes especially apparent when considering the prominent value that the cloud has in numerous other areas. While less relevant, I’m also passionate about game-building and innovation, so there’s that.

This article is designed for those curious about what “cloud support in game dev” entails, and why it’s important. Here’s a simple guide I plan to use:

  1. An intro to how game dev works
  2. How the cloud helps
  3. Why we need more investment

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What exactly is Game Development in the Cloud 🎮?
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