We’re building a **reference machine learning architecture: **a free set of documents and scripts to combine our chosen open source tools into a reusable machine learning architecture that we can apply to most problems.

Kubeflow — a machine learning platform built on Kubernetes, and which has many of the same goals — seemed like a great fit for our project in the beginning. We tried it for several weeks, but after facing several challenges, we’ve now decided to drop it completely.

This article describes our Kubeflow experience. Our goal is to help others see — earlier than we did — that Kubeflow might not be everything it claims to be quite yet.

To be clear: Kubeflow has some shortcomings that prevented us from relying on it for this project. That said, we still respect Kubeflow’s goals, and we hope that as the project matures and addresses some of these issues, we can revisit the idea of using it in the future.

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Kubeflow: Not Yet Ready for Production?
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