Python Pandas tutorial for beginners on how to import csv data in python Jupyter Notebook and then for various different needs how to configure the read csv function parameter for custom loads.

0:00​ Pandas Introduction
0:50​ Importing Pandas Library
1:58​ Pandas Read CSV function
2:14​ Creating DataFrame Object
2:50​ Pandas Head function to review first 5 rows
3:30​ Pandas Index in a DataFrame
4:05​ Using Separator Parameter in Read CSV
4:56​ Panda nrows parameter to load limited number of rows
6:27​ Removing Data Frame Headers
8:05​ Giving New Header / Cloumn Names to Pandas DataFrame
9:00​ Storing Column Names in List and using list values while importing data frame
9:42​ Making File Location String Variable by storing it in a object


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Python Pandas Tutorial in Jupyter - How to import CSV data and Configuring Data Load Parameters
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