Swell-node: Swell API library for Node.js

Swell API library for NodeJS

Swell is a customizable, API-first platform for powering modern B2C/B2B shopping experiences and marketplaces. Build and connect anything using your favorite technologies, and provide admins with an easy to use dashboard.


npm install swell-node --save


const swell = require('swell-node');

swell.init('my-store', 'secret-key');

To connect to multiple stores in the same process, use swell.createClient():

const swell = require('swell-node');

const store1 = swell.createClient('my-store-1', 'secret-key-1');
const store2 = swell.createClient('my-store-2', 'secret-key-2');


try {
  const products = await swell.get('/products', {
    active: true
} catch (err) {


This library provides in-memory caching enabled by default, using a version protocol that means you don't have to worry about stale cache. Records that don't change too frequently, such as products, will always return from cache when possible.

To disable caching behavior, use the option cache: false.

swell.init('my-store', 'secret-key', {
  cache: false,


This library is intended for use with the Swell Backend API: https://developers.swell.is/backend-api


Pull requests are welcome

Download Details:

Author: swellstores
Source Code: https://github.com/swellstores/swell-node 
License: MIT

#node #nodejs 

Swell-node: Swell API library for Node.js
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