Tensors are nothing but matrix representations of multi-dimensional arrays

Every long journey starts with a simple step. Like that, this is the first step of a long journey — Deep Learning and Neural Networks. TensorFlow, which Google develops, is a deep learning library specially created for deep learning tasks. But it is not limited to deep learning tasks, it can also be used for general machine learning. It has both high-level and low-level APIs. The high-level API can be used to build complex deep learning models with a few lines of code. The low-level API allows you to get more customization on your tasks.

A great way to getting started with a new library is to examine its data structures. Like that, we’ll get started with TensorFlow 2 by examining its main data structure — Tensor. The word “Tensor” is a technical term used in deep learning. Therefore, tensors are nothing but matrix representations of multi-dimensional arrays.

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Let’s Create Tensors like NumPy Arrays
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