This tutorial is an overview of basic concepts of the C programming language.

It goes over the history of the language, why and where it is used, the compilation process, and some very basic programming concepts that are common in most popular programming languages.

It is not a complete guide to the language, but will rather give you a high level understanding of important C concepts and ideas as an absolute beginner to coding.

Each language has its own syntax and specific ways of doing things, but the concepts covered here are common and applied to all programming languages.

Having an understanding of how things work and these universal concepts can take you a long way in your coding journey. It makes learning a new technology easier in the long run.

This tutorial takes heavy inspiration from the material covered in the first couple of weeks of the course CS50: Introduction To Computer Science which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to dive deeper into computer science and programming no matter their level of experience.

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What is The C Programming Language? A Tutorial for Beginners
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