React Native App CRUD using Local Storage with SQLite

CRUD React Native with SQLite

🚀 About the project

This Project consists of a User Registration App, with the basic functionality of a CRUD (Create / Read / Update / Delete), using the SQLite database for local data recording. When running the project he checks if the bank exists if it does not exist he creates the database and the table structure to start using it.

🖼️ Project Images

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🛠️ Built with

  • NodeJS - Javascript execution environment

  • Vs Code - IDE

  • React Native - The Mobile framework used

  • Expo - Visualization facilitator

  • SQLite - Database

  • DB Browser for SQLite - Database IDE

  • Dependencies

  • @ react-native-community / masked-view

  • @ react-navigation / native

  • @ react-navigation / stack

  • expo

  • expo-sqlite

  • expo-status-bar

  • react-native-gesture-handler

  • react-native-reanimated

  • react-native-safe-area-context

  • react-native-screens

  • react-native-vector-icons

🎲 Running the Project

  • It is necessary :
  • Have Expo Installed on PC
  • Have the Expo Installed on Mobile
## Clone this repository
$ git clone

## Access the 
$ cd CRUDReactNativeSQLite backend folder

## run the command
$ yarn start
$ npm start

## The Expo is started on the PC using the browser and after that process access the cell phone and run the expo 
## and scan the QRCode that is shown on the bowser by the Expo.

Download Details:

Author: brunoemferreira

Source Code:

#react-native #react #mobile-apps

React Native App CRUD using Local Storage with SQLite
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