Finding Hidden Flags

The room Linux Challengeson the TryHackMe platform is great for brushing up your Linux skills. I would be going through the entire room step by step and on our way, we will find flags hidden throughout the systems which will lead to the completion of each task systematically. If you are already familiar with the Linux Commands and services have a look at Learn to exploit and take over a vulnerable Linux based machine

P.S I recommend you, folks to try solving the challenges on your own and if you get stuck somewhere you can always come back here


  1. Learn to use commands such as find, locate, ls, grep, tar, etc
  2. Understand Cron jobs, MOTDs, locate hidden directories and files on the system
  3. Learn to SSH into different user account using private keys
  4. Understand system files, paths, variables and file permissions
  5. Learn to transfer files using SCP and remote desktop via GUI etc

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Write-Up 10- TryHackMe- Linux Challenges Part 1
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