Streamlit is an amazing and powerful tool to create web apps in hours. But what is the use if you can’t deploy it for the world to see. That’s where AWS EC2 comes into the picture. Elastic Cloud Compute is an AWS service that lets you create and delete virtual machines in the cloud easily. We will basically run our Streamlit web app on an EC2 instance i.e. a virtual machine.
Btw, this is the second part of the series “Create Streamlit Web App and deploy using AWS Services ”. If you have not read the first part on how to create a Streamlit web app, then please go and read so here —Amazon lets you use some AWS services for free for 12 months with limited resources as a part of its Free Tier. We will be using the free tier for AWS EC2 so the deployment will be free of cost. :)

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Showcase you Streamlit Web App to the World with AWS EC2
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