When the COVID-19 pandemic forced life to shift online,modern tech was a saving grace. Team collaboration software allowed newlydistributed workforces to organize themselves, VPN provided access to workplace

networks, and Zoom calls covered everything from sales meetings to Yoga


The situation also showcased that cutting-edgetechnology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to boost businesses’ efficiency and productivity, especially during remote work.

The latest statistics indicate that distributed workforce models are here to stay. 93% of survey respondents stated that they are managing to cover their workload from home, and 60% prefer to do so. In another survey, 77% of managers stated that they were planning to maintain the same level of remote workforce engagement as during the pandemic - or even to

expand it.

Given these trends, businesses are looking to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning into their processes with maximum benefit - and to sustainably prepare for the remote work future. Here are five areas of application, and the best tools in each.

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AI and Remote Workers: Top Apps To Boost Your Productivity
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