Let’s get into full stack iOS development! You’ll build an iOS Notes app with a custom backend using MongoDB for the database and Express for the web server. In addition to working with Xcode and Swift, you’ll also work with and learn about web development technologies such as NodeJS, Mongoose, Homebrew, Express, MongoDB, Postman.

In this lesson, we are working on customizing a cell for our tableview to be able to display the data the way we want. We will do some UI cleaning and code organization to make it more readable.

This series is taught by Ali, a member of our CodeWithChris team!

Video Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:16 UI Improvement
03:01 Creating the custom UITableViewCell file
11:40 Code organization
23:06 The Full Stack Notes App Résumé
27:18 Outro


Full Stack iOS Notes App - Custom Cell and Code Organization (Lesson 4)
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