Easy Optimization Tactics That Will Amplify Your App Downloads

Developers have to be quite strategic about marketing their applications if they want to increase installs and engagement. App Store Optimization (ASO) empowers them by providing the right tools for elevating visibility and ranking to encourage more downloads.

App stores are quite dynamic, both Apple and Google constantly launch new algorithm updates to provide a better user experience. With it, the competition has also intensified to capture user attention. User retention and engagement in amalgamation make a power-duo for boosting downloads and overall app growth.

While developing an app that’s bug-free, relevant, and solves customer pain points or entertains them is imperative, it is also crucial to focus on reaching the right users and encouraging them to download the app. This article highlights 5 easy ways to implement app store optimization services to facilitate business growth.

Creative App Name and Title

High-ranking apps usually have unique and keyword-rich names. Users won’t remember the name unless it is appealing and exciting.

To improve app discoverability, add hyphens between the primary and nonessential keywords. Add the strongest keywords at the beginning of the app name, even before the brand name. It assists in elevating the app position and streamline the app name.

Titles in the app store can be longer than names. However, they are truncated when displayed in the search results. Keywords should be placed before the cut-off since they drive downloads. For instance, in the Apple App Store, only the first 19 characters of the title are visible. Adding URL friendly characters in the title can also enhance app visibility.

Attractive Screenshots

Visually appealing screenshots go a long way in motivating target users to download the application. If they are of poor quality or the wrong screen size, people won’t show interest in the app.

Create compelling and descriptive screenshots and add a small sentence on the top to clarify which feature is being highlighted. It will assist users in grasping the message easily. Display only one feature per screenshot and showcase the most important ones at the beginning because they will appear in the search results.

Remember to localize the screenshots if the app is available in different countries.

Engaging App Description

After the name, app description is the most crucial element of ASO. Include keywords that are relevant to your app and will be used by the target user to search for it. However, do not indulge in shady activities such as going overboard with keyword stuffing.

While crafting app descriptions always favor quality over quantity. It should be engaging yet informative, use small paragraphs and bullet points. Optimize the first 2-3 lines strategically as users don’t read the entire description and form an opinion just after reading the first few lines.

Google Play Store takes descriptions into account to index the app for particular keywords. Developers should create a list of relevant keywords and weave them seamlessly into the description.

Description of Apple app store should be optimized in terms of keywords for SEO because the iTunes app page is indexed by search engines.

Localize the App Listing

Developing an English-only app means leaving money on the table. Developers who create mobile applications in their regional language miss out on global revenue.

To drive profit from global markets, optimize the app to entice customers from different countries. Convert the app title, descriptions, keywords, and more into the language of the target user segment.

Some other app localization elements include:

Rebranding the app to communicate value and not offend different cultures
Undertaking app redesigning to accommodate other languages
Converting currency values to avoid confusions regarding pricing


Validation from satisfied users is critical for elevating app ranking and downloads. An app that has low or no reviews is considered bad. Positive feedback and ratings attest to the authenticity and credibility of the app.

The reviews and ratings play a crucial role in manipulating the algorithm to position the app higher in the search results. Positive feedback elevates the rank and increases the app’s chances of being installed.

Leverage push notifications to encourage users to leave a review. Avoid negative reviews by providing better features and customer support to respond to user queries. Also, instead of ignoring unflattering feedback, respond to it, solve their pain points.

Wrapping Up

ASO is a never-ending process because of the dynamic nature of the algorithms and the fierce competition in the store. A successful app store optimization strategy requires regular modification, analysis, and a creative approach. Not everyone is equipped with the required skill set, therefore, it’s prudent to hire a digital marketing agency. At Oodles Marketing, our ASO experts will optimize the app for maximum downloads leaving you free to develop a feature-rich application. For further information, contact us here.

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