• Introduction
  • Data Exploration
  • Player Classification
  • **1 **—K-Nearest Neighbor
  • **2 **—Decision Tree Classifier
  • **3 **—Support Vector Machine
  • **4 **—Logistic Regression
  • Results
  • Conclusions


FIFA is a football simulation game, released each year by Electronic Arts Inc, the main characters of the video game, of course, the football players. Players on the video game are intended to be as close as the real ones, both physically and in skills. This set of skills determine the position they play on the field. Of course, you want a killer striker and a wall as a goalkeeper!


If you are a football fan, you most likely know the position each player has on your favorite team. Can a machine learn the different player’s position according to their skills?

Obtaining the data

Data was downloaded from Kaggle, which was scraped from the publicly available website sofifa.

Data Exploration

The first step is to download the data and take a first look at some of the information of the players.


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Machine Learning on FIFA 20
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