Vagamon is a hill station primarily located in Peerumade taluk of Idukki district. Away from the hustle and bustle of city Vagamon has always proved to be an offbeat hill station in Kerala because of its lush greenery and serenity. This hill station has a number of sightseeing places which can be a retreat to your eyes. The tranquility and beauty of this place helps anyone rejuvenate their soul. Vagamon has an insinuation of green with stunning gorges and meandering rivulets which gives you an extraordinary experience to every visitor. As you make your way past the green capped hills, the undulating plains come into view thousands of feet below you. Vagamon offers undoubtedly one of the best cuisines and especially for the non - vegetarian lovers.

How to reach:
The best possible way to reach Vagamon is by train but you can also take a direct flight to Cochin and then travel here by bus or a cab since it only takes one and a half hour to reach.

Things to do:
• For seeking mental peace and divinity you can visit Kurisumala Ashram.
• You can enjoy paragliding in Vagamon.
• You can enjoy hill top camping and trekking.
• To refresh your mind and soul visiting waterfall is the best option.

Places to visit:
• Idukki Arch Dam – This dam is Asia’s first arch dam constructed across the Periyar River. This majestic dam has a height of 550 feet which gives an amazing view to its visitors of the water body and surroundings as well. The lush green mountains add to the beauty of the water body and the view is nothing more than a paradise.
• Mangala Devi Temple – One of the very ancient temples is the Mangala Devi Temple hidden in the dense forest at the top of the peak 1337 meters above sea level. The temple has been built according to the traditional Kerala style.
• Vagamon Pine Forest – For a forest lover this place is more than a paradise. The huge trees seem as if they are touching the sky. Also, this place is a popular shooting place for various movies.
• Marmala Waterfall – This mesmerizing waterfall is one of the prominent places to be visited in Vagamon. Amidst the lush greenery is nestled this waterfall which is one of the most visited tourist places. This place is a heavenly retreat to every single nature enthusiast and also for photographers who loving capturing natural beauty.
• Vagamon Lake – Enclosed with lush greenery and hilly elevations that are cloaked in verdant greenery. You can enjoy boating in this lake and enjoy a closer view of the clear water of the lake and the lush green mountains.
• Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary – This sanctuary is located at a distance of 10km away from Vagamon. Away from the noisy crowd this secluded sanctuary is also a picnic spot where amidst the beauty of the nature you can sit and relax yourselves.
• Vagamon Meadows – If you want to seek peace and tranquility this place is a gateway from everyday stressed life. You can lie down on the lush green grasslands or meditate peacefully. This place will leave you feeling much lighter mentally.
• Kurisumala – It is considered as one of the Christian pilgrims and is flocked by followers especially all through the Good Friday week. Situated atop the hills, to reach this place one has to climb up the hills with wooden crosses. The beauty of this place is breathtaking and also considered as one of the popular tourist spots in Vagamon.
• Mundakayam Ghat – One of the perfect places for paragliding experience. The view atop the hills is mesmerizing and this place is famous for bird watching and nature walks.

When to visit:

The climate remains moderate throughout the year so you can visit this place anytime during the year.


Vagamon - A heaven in kerala
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