For too many years now I’ve heard this LIE parroted time and time again to justify nonsensical bloated practices like BEM, HTML/CSS frameworks use of presentational classes, and a host of other bad practices. It is one of the many lame excuses and fairy tale bits of nonsense spewed by people desperately trying to justify their favorite pet pedantry, no matter what utter nonsense it is.

And don’t give me even more falsehoods as “evidence” to the contrary. It makes you all sound like a bunch of cut-rate cultists. “This big name in the industry said it” (transfer by authority), “these people say it’s great” (testimonial), millions of people use it _(bandwagon), _and “it works for me” _(survivorship bias, confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance) _is not proof! That’s marketing and propaganda designed to make you feel instead of think. Just like the glittering generality of being “easier” or any other such whoppers.

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“CSS Selectors/Combinators are Slow, Classes are Fast” — They’re Lying To You!
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