We recently moved the user guide for Mail Merge and Form Notifications from the website labnol.org to digitalinspiration.com. As with any domain move, we had to manually setup 301 redirects so that the audience are automatically redirected to the new website should they happen to click any of the links that still point to the old domain.

Because the websites are hosted on Firebase, it is easy to setup 301 redirects through the firebase.json file. All we need are entries in the redirects array, one entry per redirect, specifying the source, the destination URL and it is also possible to define if the redirect is 301 (permanent) or a temporary 302 redirect.

  "redirects": [
      "source": "/page1",
      "destination": "https://digitalinspiration.com/page1",
      "type": 301
      "source": "/page2{,/**}", // also redirect pages ending with slash
      "destination": "https://digitalinspiration.com/page2",
      "type": 302

When you are migrating big sites, it can become difficult to maintain the firebase.json file as 100s of URLs that may have to added in the redirects array. As as workaround, you can create a separate JSON file with all the redirects and then generate the firebase.json file dynamically.

The firebase file is generated automatically from the redirects file before the assets are uploaded to Firebase hosting.

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Generate firebase.json file for Firebase Redirects
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