In this tutorial, I will show you way to build Multiple Images upload and Preview example with Web API/Rest API using Angular 11, FormData and Bootstrap Progress Bars.

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Contents [hide]

  • Overview
  • Technology
  • Web API for Image Upload & Storage
  • Setup Angular 11 Project
  • Angular 11 App for Multiple Image upload with Preview
  • Set up App Module
  • Add Bootstrap to the project
  • Create Angular Service for Upload Files
  • Create Angular Component for Upload Multiple Images
  • Add Upload Multiple Images Component to App Component
  • Run the App
  • Further Reading
  • Conclusion


We will create an Angular 11 multiple Images upload with Preview application in that user can:

  • see the preview of images that will be uploaded
  • see the upload process (percentage) of all uploading images
  • view all uploaded images
  • download image by clicking on the file name

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angular 11 Multiple Images Upload with Preview Example
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