👍 Welcome to my Selenium tutorial

This Series is going to include all the information you need to develop Testing projects and Bot Projects, using the Selenium framework.
I am going to go deeper into each topic by explaining the basics and developing 2 real-life projects.

In this video, we will install the prerequisites and learn how to get started :)

Copied and Pasted during the video:

The website I used -

Chromedriver download website -

Code from Github:

Timeline for the video:

  • 00:00 - 10:03 - Getting Started / Installing Prerequisites
  • 10:04 - 14:12 - Locating Elements on a Websites
  • 14:13 - 17:30 - Efficiently waiting until an Element is available to read

#selenium #python #testing

Python Selenium Full Series - Getting Started [Web Bots and Testing]
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