Next.js is a dynamically developed framework and a lot of old articles about it could be outdated because Next.js made a huge leap forward. I wrote this article in May 2021 and now the current version is 10.2.3. I suggest checking the docs while you look at examples because some of the tips could be outdated due to improved API.

Features Were Released You Probably Don’t Know

If you use Next.js for a long time, your projects should have a huge amount of code, and you just keep writing it in the style that it already has. Sometimes because you’re used to it and sometimes because you use your codebase as a catalog of snippets and examples. That’s why you can skip the new cool stuff.

Server redirects and not found status

These features, as well as previous ones, were released in version 10 and I still see a lot of questions about how to make redirect on the server. First of all, I suggest checking if you use modern fetching methods because only they get updates and new features. I explained here other reasons as to why we should use modern fetching methods.


An Overview on the Current State of Next.js Router
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