You might be thinking why do you want to create Azure SQL Database and what are the best configurations. This article will provide you with the basic configurations of the Azure SQL Database.

First of all, let us look at what is the advantage of having your database in the cloud. If you want to travel from one place to another, of course, you can drive your own car. Then you have the freedom but you need to maintain the vehicle. The next option is you hire a car that will leave out maintaining the car. This is the same when it comes to using the Cloud.

If you want to create a database, you can create a database on-premise that will leave you to maintain the operating system and database server. Further, in the case of an on-premise database, disaster recovery and High Availability will become your headache.

Apart from the above features in the cloud, what about the upgrade to facilitate future scalability. Sometimes, you will have adhoc data loads that need additional resources for a short duration of time. Your on-premises database will not be able to support short time resources that can be supported by the Azure SQL Database.

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Creating your first Azure SQL Database
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