Understanding the ever-changing customer aspirations and requirements will always be a challenge. However, the larger issue at hand lies in to bring the customers at par with the adoption of digital technology. The COVID era has emulated a significant impact at different levels of the organisation across businesses. The scenario at Axis Bank was no different as the status quo, and modus operandi across the bank was challenged during the initial phase of lockdown.

The bank has observed extreme spikes in volumes, increment in complaints and escalations transpired by customer anxiety, which was a repercussion of limited services to customers during the lockdown phase. This reflected in Axis Bank’s customer experience index and the cross-functional service levels of the organisation. And thus, it became critical for the bank to re-define their role in the life of their customers by elevating their digital banking experiences to new domains of customer service.

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The Tech Behind Axis Bank’s Multilingual Voice Bot
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