Build your own crypto coin or token by commencing ICO launch services in the competitive environment.

The Process to Follow for Starting an ICO Is

  • Be clear about the start date, end date, soft cap, hard cap, and the currencies accepted for the exchange to the investors.

  • Undertake static code analysis to detect any bugs and fix them immediately.

  • Test it against a working blockchain network to ensure its full-fledged functionality.

  • Prepare a whitepaper and disclose all the details of the project like the distribution plan for tokens, legal issues, market analysis, development strategy, and description of all the team members involved in the project.

  • Invest in adequate security measures to prevent any sort of hacks, phishing, and spam attacks.

  • Undertake an extensive marketing campaign to promote your ICO to your target audience by using free as well as paid tools like Google Ads. This will create the necessary hype, satisfy the investors’ expectations, and ensure constant communication with the users.

Follow the above-mentioned aspects to get your ICO up and running in no time.

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