Learn how to create a custom dataset for object detection with YOLOv5 of clothing in images. Complete source code and Google Colab notebook included.

⭐️ Tutorial Contents ⭐️

  • (00:00) What are we doing?
  • (00:23) Dataset overview - clothing item detection
  • (01:26) Look at the YOLO v5 project on GitHub
  • (02:58) Google Colab notebook setup
  • (11:25) Look at a sample image from the dataset
  • (24:14) Convert the dataset to YOLO (darknet) format
  • (34:36) Understanding the file structure of our dataset

🔣 GitHub: https://github.com/curiousily/Getting-Things-Done-with-Pytorch

#opencv #pytorch #python #machine-learning #artificial-intelligence

Create YOLO (v5) Dataset for Custom Object Detection using OpenCV, PyTorch and Python Tutorial
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