Real-Time Insights: Privacy-First Analytics on Vercel

@vercel/analytics allows you to track page views and custom events in your Next.js app or any other website that is deployed to Vercel.

All page views are automatically tracked in your app.

This package does not track data in development mode.


Enable Vercel Web Analytics for a project in the Vercel Dashboard.

Add the @vercel/analytics package to your project

Inject the Analytics script to your app

  • If you are using Next.js or React, you can use the <Analytics /> component to inject the script into your app.
  • To add the tracking script for other frameworks, use the inject function.
  • If you want to use Vercel Web Analytics on a static site without npm, follow the instructions in the documentation.

Deploy your app to Vercel and see data flowing in.


Find more details about this package in our documentation.

Download Details:

Author: vercel

Official Github: 

License: MPL-2.0 license


Real-Time Insights: Privacy-First Analytics on Vercel
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